Old Friend of Alexei


Codename: Serafim
Nationality: Russian
Gender: Female
Handedness: Left
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 112 lbs
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Green
Psion Class: -
Place of Birth: Bryansk, Russia
Date of Birth: 8/21/1981
Distinguishing Characteristics: Slender and demure in appearance.
Languages: Russian, English, Ukranian


A fellow former member of █████████████ with Alexei. She had also survived the collapse of the agency, and fled with Alexei for a while. She has stayed well off the grid, but is still in touch if one would have need of her. She is something a weapons specialist but is also well versed in espionage, as most members of █████████████ were. She thinks of Alexei as a younger brother.


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