Desert Oasis II

In pursuit of answers

Mission Briefing

Codename: Desert Oasis, Stage 2
Mission Date: October 7, 2011
Location: Kibrit Air Base, Egypt
Classification: Secret; Caliber III


After the events of Desert Oasis, Morpheus Security contacts Bravo team, who were scattered around Europe on low priority missions. They were instructed to move to Condition 1 and report to HQ immediately.


  1. Determine who ordered the airstrike on the facility in Morocco, and on whose orders.
  2. Speed is the primary concern. Use of aggressive interrogation and/or extraction is authorized, at agent’s discretion. Use of lethal force is authorized only for self defense.
  3. Remain covert. Kibrit Air Base is a secure military facility and it is very likely that you will be stealing Egyptian state secrets or committing other serious national crimes. If you are captured, the agency may not be able to negotiate your release if our involvement becomes known.

Resources and Support

  1. PASIV Device and 50 doses (hours) of Somnacin

The airspace around Kibrit is heavily controlled. As a result, air support will not be available.


After the conclusion of Operation: Desert Oasis, but before the agents had destroyed the facility, a pair of Egyptian fighter/bombers conducted an airstrike against the facility and completely destroyed it. Based on the nature of the strike and their use of thermobaric weapons, we believe the goal of this strike was to both destroy and sanitize the facility. The intelligence gathered from the facility suggests that it was unrelated to Egypt and was instead being operated by a private agency. You are being sent to determine who was behind this airstrike, and as much about them as you can. We have determined that the planes were launched from Kibrit Air Base in Egypt. Further we have determined that the order did not originate from within Egyptian military command. Recommended course of action is to identify who on the base oversaw the airstrike, and who directed them to conduct the operation.
Travel is by commercial airlines (flying time is about 14 hours, with a stop in London) into Cairo. Transportation in Egypt is at the team’s discretion. Kibrit is about 2.5 hours from Cairo by car.

After Action Reports

Entry: Alexei Gaveril
Mission Review:
Our mission began after touching down in Cairo, and retrieving our gear and vehicle. We then traveled to Kibrit Air Force Base, and maintained positions until well after night fall when the base commander, Yosef, reportedly took to bed. We then infiltrated his residence and began our extraction procedure. It went without incident and much quicker than even our simulations had been. The information extracted confirmed that Yosef had ordered the air strike on behalf of an accomplice, and was sent directly to Julian Chambers. We were then instructed to intercept or reconnoiter the new target known only as Sergei. I was disguised as an Egyptian soldier, and made my way on base to await the exchange that was to happen between Yosef and Sergei. Interaction with the target was deemed to risky so I set up and recorded images and audio of the exchange; these too were sent immediately back to base. I then egressed from the Air Field, where I met back with the rest of Bravo team. As of this writing we are sitting tight, await further orders.

Miision Results:
Mission was successful within given parameters, and all objectives were achieved. It was determined that Group Captain Yosef had authorized the air strike on behalf of a Ukranian arms dealer known as, Sergei [photo attached]. No hostiles were injured, and our identities or affiliations were never exposed. Audio and visual intelligence was collected of both Sergei and his vehicle.

Mission Recommendations:
Air presence would have been invaluable to perhaps ground Sergei after leaving Kibrit.
If the facility was known, detailed reconnaissance should have been provided along with the information that we requested on its commander.


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