The Lodge

The Lodge represents what may be the greatest success of the Conspiracy. After his last meeting with Conrad Archer, Avery Schillingsfield disappeared for nearly 30 years. Unknown to the rest of the Archer Conspiracy, he had set about creating a massive secret facility from which he began plotting the literal destruction of mankind in order to replace them with a new race of psions. He called this secret facility the Hive and built it under Aldabra Atoll off the coast of Africa. In 1975, one of his lieutenants by the name of Elias Graham discovered the full scope of Helix’s plot and allied with the Archer Foundation to gut the organization and kill Helix. Afterwards, Graham took control of the facility and what remaining troops it had and established his own agency, which he called the Lodge. The Lodge continues to maintain a relationship with the Archer Foundation. It also serves as a private prison for the agencies of the Archer Conspiracy.


Elias Graham. Originally a high ranking field agent for Helix, Graham betrayed the agency and took over what was left after it was eliminated by the Archer Foundation. He is a highly trained and skilled field agent turned administrator. He is extremely involved in the day to day activities of the agency, but very hands off with his agents. Graham is a black South African roughly 65 years old.


The headquarters of the Lodge is also known as the Lodge. It is a secret underground facility built into the largest island of the Aldabra Atoll, an uninhabited island about 250 miles Northwest of Madagascar. The facility is disguised on the surface as an occasionally manned environmental monitoring station. The facility is accessible by boat or-more commonly-sea plane, and via the hidden underground submarine dock.




The Lodge itself is the agency’s greatest asset. It was custom built by one of the greatest mentalists to have ever lived for the express purpose of housing a secret agency with the goal of destroying humanity and replacing it with a new breed of psionic humans. As such it contains technology and facilities that are beyond cutting edge even now. One of these facilities is the “Panopticon”, which is an extremely advanced and efficient prison which was used by Helix to contain the psions he was experimenting on and today is used by the Lodge as a private prison open to the use of other agencies and is their greatest source of income.

Beyond that, The Lodge established the Janus Committee, which is a global privately owned relief organization that is like a union of the Red Cross and Amnesty International. Janus maintains a global fleet of ships, aircraft, and automobiles which is all available to Lodge agents as needed.


To promote health, peace, and social justice in Africa.

The Lodge

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