The Guardians of the Whispering Knife

The Guardians are an ancient and extremely secretive society. Very little is known about them with any certainty. It’s unclear how old the group is, although there is credible evidence that they existed in at least some form during the time of Alexander the Great. Their leader is named Aurora, but what authority she has, how to contact her, or even how old she is are all mysteries. Similarly, the group’s headquarters or other facilities have never been identified, and it has been suggested that they might not actually have any in the normal sense. They certainly don’t seem to have a wealth of resources at their disposal as their agents invariably eschew modern technology wherever possible. The Guardians have operated throughout the middle east for longer than anyone knows, and their clothing, weapons, and other equipment all tend to be of traditional middle eastern origin. They have a pronounced fondness for knives and other bladed weapons, and their clothing is designed to be baggy and unrestricting. It simultaneously conceals the wearer’s size, gender, and weapons, and allows for complete freedom of movement to facilitate hand to hand combat. If possible, the Guardian’s methods are even more mysterious than their history. They know things they shouldn’t be able to know. They appear in places they shouldn’t be able to access. And despite their lack of any observable communication equipment, they seem to be able to pass messages all over the world in a matter of minutes. It’s suspected that they accomplish these impressive feats with the aid of some mystic power, but they have universally refused to share their secrets with outsiders. The Guardians first entered into the shadow community when a representative from the group suddenly appeared in London in 1910 to help Conrad Archer understand his newly developed psionic abilities. The group has remained friendly with the Archer family and The Archer Foundation ever since. They additionally maintain an amicable relationship with Room 39 and Morpheus Security. They respect and appreciate the work The Lodge does in Africa, and will often offer their assistance if it seems to be necessary. They have a long standing distrust of ARC and The Gemeinschaft Consortium, and they blame many of the problems in their home region on The Company and Russia (and by extension Czar’s Wolves). Their attitude toward the Company has softened in recent years thanks to their assistance in combating the Taliban, which seems to be the largest threat facing them.


Aurora. Virtually nothing is known about this woman, including her real name (assuming it’s not Aurora).


Unknown. They operate almost exclusively in the Middle East and North Africa, but there is no intelligence on where they call home.


Invisible. Even the other members of the Archer Conspiracy would not know they exist if they hadn’t stepped out of the shadows and introduced themselves.


Unknown. They seem to have very little in the way of modern technology or equipment, but they also seem to have very little need of it. They are believed to have unparalleled mystic knowledge and skill, but exactly what that entails is a complete mystery.


Their long term goals are little better understood than anything else about them. They do concern themselves with improving the stability of the Middle East, but most of their attention seems to directed elsewhere.

The Guardians of the Whispering Knife

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