The Gemeinschaft Consortium

The earliest incarnation of the Consortium began during the Italian Renaissance as a loose agreement between some old noble families. The general purpose was to influence economies in order to maintain their collective high status for their posterity. As decades and eventually centuries passed, the alliance grew to include other nations and younger money, but its purpose remained the same. The Consortium influenced trade, banking practices, laws, and treaties, all for their own benefit. This pattern continued until the second world war, which nearly destroyed the group and everything they had worked to build. Afterwards, most of the Consortium was content to go back to their old habits, and were eager to begin taking advantage of the post-war reconstruction. Bruno Vangelli on the other hand, saw the looming threat of Russia and communism. During the war, he had learned of the Archers and their allies, and in 1950, he arrived at the Archer estate unannounced and uninvited with his offer to bring the Consortium into the fold. Archer was initially surprised and skeptical, but Vangelli eventually won him over. What Archer did not know was that Bruno Vangelli was not the leader of the Consortium. When he returned he began working to oust the current regent, Cameron Kane. He uses the promise of this new alliance with Archer, as well as bargains, bribes, threats, and blackmail, and invokes ancient tradition in order to gain the upper hand. After all, the Gemeinschaft Consortium is bound by nothing if not tradition. In the end, Kane has been deposed and Vangelli is the new regent of the consortium. However, Kane and his closest allies opt to leave the group and defect to the soviets to repeat their past success under the cloak of communism. The Consortium will spend years recovering from their loss. For many years afterwards, Gemeinschaft was a force for good, working relentlessly to build a strong, wealthy, and united Europe. Then communism collapsed and the wall came down. The descendants of Kane and his allies returned to the Consortium all the wealthier and more powerful for their time away. They set about their old tricks, with the help of their new allies the Czar’s Wolves. Almost immediately they found themselves opposed by the mysterious Fagin’s Umbrella and tasked Julian Chambers and his team to investigate the group. When Chambers’ investigation turned inward, they acted swiftly to silence him. Today, the Consortium is embroiled in a viscous power struggle between the current regent, Gregoir Kane, eldest son of the late Cameron, and Stefan Bartolomei, former pupil of the late Vangelli. Due to the complicated internal politics of the organization, Gemeinschaft’s relations with the other members of the Conspiracy are murky at best.


Regent Gregoir Kane. Kane is a ruthless and extremely well connected man, about 40 years of age. He has the support of the majority of the Consortium, and secretly of the Czar’s Wolves as well. He is in a constant power struggle with Stefan Bartolomei, age 38, who has little support within the group, but strong support from the Foundation, Room 39, and the Guardians


Credit Suisse, Zurich, Switzerland


Secret Society. The Gemeinschaft Consortium is very much the stuff of conspiracy theories. When its actions are noticed at all, they are often taken to be the work of such groups as the Illuminati, Free Masons, and even the Knights Templar.


Gemeinschaft enjoys fantastic monetary wealth as a result of their centuries long influence on banking, trade, taxes, and stock markets. They also enjoy all the resources that go along with huge financial and media empires such as virtually unrestricted travel and accommodation, and global communications. However, they are distinctly lacking in military hardware and personnel compared to other factions of the Conspiracy.


Provide for and ensure the continued social and economic superiority of its members.

The Gemeinschaft Consortium

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