Room 39

Established prior to the first World War as a companion project to England’s code breaking effort, the agency takes its name from the location of its inception in room 39 of the Old Admiralty Building, next door to the codes and cyphers group. Room 39 was instrumental in the establishment of both the Archer Foundation and the The Company. Both of those agencies were heavily influenced by their early involvement with Room 39, and both remain cooperative to the present day.


Vice Admiral James Westhall, a very serious man, nearly 70 years old.


SIS Research Annex B; Nottingham, East Midlands, England


Covert Government Agency


Formally, Room 39 is actually the Special Advanced Research Service (SPEARS), a branch of England’s Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). This gives the agency nearly unfettered access to the entirety of England’s intelligence network as well as military personnel and equipment. Room 39’s operations are funded as a secret addendum to the SIS’s operational budget, giving them tremendous financial resources.


Ensure the security and well being of Her Royal Majesty and her subjects, and to improve the welfare of all people.

Room 39

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