Morpheus Security

In 1994, The Gemeinschaft Consortium began an investigation into a group they knew as Fagin’s Umbrella. The investigating team was led by an experienced agent named Julian Chambers. For five years, Chambers’ investigation made slow but steady progress until February 1998. Chambers had finally made contact with the group’s leader, a man known only as “Fade”. Fade made startling accusations about the Consortium and its leadership. He claimed that they were manipulating world markets, financing wars and terrorists, and subverting global media in pursuit of wealth and power. Chambers reported this, but before he could make any progress investigating it, the Consortium blacklisted him and sent teams to eliminate him. Chambers and his team went to ground. They decided that they would never be safe on the run, and that they needed the protection of an agency. They used their contacts, collected debts and favors, and gathered resources for six months until they formed Morpheus Security and started working again. The Morpheus Security Company is a private intelligence and security firm that works for numerous world governments. They are based in Canada and maintain very close ties with The Company, Room 39, and The Guardians of the Whispering Knife.


Julian Chambers. Officially, he is the chairman of the board of directors. Unofficially, Chambers is an experienced former field operative, and a telepath of moderate ability. He affords his agents broad freedom to conduct their operations and instead focuses his attention on the big picture. The surviving members of Chambers’ team make up the rest of the company board. Brandon Fisk is the director of IT and security. Donald Gallagher directs research and development. Marcus Wikerson is the director of training and operations.


Morpheus Security’s headquarters is in a large private airport in Nobleton, Ontario, Canada; it’s about 20 miles North of downtown Toronto. The facility has two runways, an air traffic tower, four hangars, a warehouse, an administrative office complex, indoor and outdoor target range, and apartments all on about 4 square kilometers of land surrounded by a 10 foot tall chain link privacy fence.


Quiet. The agency is a privately owned company that performs classified work for several world governments. As such, the existence of the agency is public knowledge, however uncommon. Morpheus takes great care not to attract too much attention to itself and never publicly discloses involvement in any operation, but its existence itself is not a secret.


In many ways, Morpheus is actually a small defense contractor for the US and other governments. This affords the agency considerable monetary wealth and authorization to own and use certain classes of military hardware. The agency is also not above using equipment captured during missions.


Provide security for the members, promote peace world wide, and uncover corruption in other agencies of the Archer Conspiracy, especially The Gemeinschaft Consortium

Morpheus Security

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