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This is a halfway decent place to start reading the wiki. I’d love if it looked nicer, but it’s fine for now. It’s also a good place to link to pages that otherwise would be orphans.

Shadow History

The alternate history of the world (or at least the 20th century). This lists the major events in history that brought us from then to now. It does not list every major event, nor does it list ever departure from the history you learned in school. It does, however, provide some framework and context for the most important events in the Insomnia timeline.

Houserules and Other Crunch

A strictly mechanical page that lists and describes the houserules, campaign qualities, and rules clarifications/table rulings for the game.

Map of the World

A google map with some notable locations in the setting. More will be added during the course of play.

Map Key

Because I haven’t found a way to add one to the map itself.

  • Magenta: Morpheus Security
  • Blue: Groups and agencies friendly toward Morpheus
  • Red: Groups and agencies hostile toward Morpheus
  • Teal: Groups and agencies neutral toward Morpheus
  • Yellow: Groups and agencies of unknown disposition toward Morpheus
  • Push Pins: Permanent important sites or facilities.
  • “Dot” Place markers: Permanent but less important sites or facilities.
  • “Plain” Place markers: Transient or temporary facilities, or locations of limited interest.

Main Page

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