Houserules and Other Crunch

Campaign Qualities

  • Faction: The PCs are all members of a sponsoring agency and gain Reputation instead of Net Worth
  • The Great Game: Whenever characters gain a non-tradecraft feat, they may gain a tradecraft feat instead
  • Back to Basics: We’re using the Back to Basics classes instead of the regular Standard classes. Expert and Master classes can still be taken normally.
  • Stockpile: We’re using the Stockpile gear system from The Big Score.
  • Fast Interests: Characters gain interests every 3 levels, instead of every 4.
  • Unofficial Campaign Qualities. To shorten our learning curve and avoid confusion, we’re also going to replace a few mechanics with Fantasy Craft mechanics.
    • Conditions. We’ll just use FC’s instead of the SC ones.
    • Languages. We’ll be selecting languages using interests, rather than SC’s weird abstraction with the Cultures skill.


  • Psionics. I have a handout with detailed rules.
  • Shared dreaming. Sometimes we’ll want to play these out in detail, and sometimes we may want to simplify them. For simplicity, I’ve created a set of maneuvers for dream Dramatic Conflicts.

Houserules and Other Crunch

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