Czar's Wolves

царские волки (Czar’s Wolves)

In 1950, Raymond Archer sent his Russian Commission into Stalinist Soviet Russia in a bid to keep a handle, or at least an eye, on the developing situation in Russia and the brewing Cold War. It was a high risk operation that was doomed to failure. In this case, doom had a name and it was the specially formed psionic unit of the KGB called the Wolf Pack. By 1958, they had completely subverted the commission. Most of its members were dead or being interrogated in secret prisons and the remainder were being monitored and manipulated to feed false information to Archer and his allies. Over the years, the wolf pack grew into a large disinformation and counter intelligence division within the KGB. As time went on, and the economy of the soviet union deteriorated, the wolf pack turned to less traditional funding through black markets and criminal dealings. When the wall finally came down and the KGB disbanded, the wolf pack struck out on their own, taking their knowledge and talent with psionics with them. They renamed themselves the Czar’s Wolves, and set about accumulating all the money, power, and influence they could, which was a lot.


Somewhere in Moscow


Open Secret. The Czar’s Wolves is the most prominent and dangerous of Russia’s criminal syndicates. Their existence is common knowledge in the former soviet bloc, but few people know details about them or their activities.


Czar's Wolves

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