In 1975, The Archer Foundation recovered pure samples of the Telepath and Mentalist Psion Serums. The Foundation had nearly 50 years of experience with the Adept Serum, but these were new and required careful study. To that end, they created the Advanced Research Commission and staffed it with some of the brightest minds they could find in every faction of the Conspiracy. ARC, as it came to be known, was responsible for conducting research on the Serums as well as distributing samples and experimental results to the rest of the Conspiracy. They created Somnacin, Darknet, powered armor suits, and even some cybernetic augmentations. Both as a result of their experiments, and in order to further them, ARC built up a large stable of mentalists which resulted in their incredible technological advancements. As the number of mentalists in the group increased, they began to develop ambitions and goals beyond their role as a commission of the Conspiracy. They began to make plans to break with the Conspiracy to pursue those goals, and on New Year’s Eve, 1999, they used the widespread fear of the Y2K bug and the viruses they had planted in the Conspiracy’s computer networks to completely separate and establish themselves as a full fledged secret agency. They sabotaged systems and equipment causing Conspiracy operations to grind to a halt for months afterward as the various agencies picked up the pieces and recovered from the disruption. Since then, they have been pursuing their own mysterious goals. At first, they seemed to be following in the footsteps of Helix, working to awaken the psionic potential of all of humanity. After a major battle with the Foundation when a number of high ranking ARC agents were killed however, ARC’s focus seemed to shift to something more enigmatic. ARC’s relationship with the rest of the Conspiracy is generally adversarial, but usually not hostile. They will on occasion approach agents of other factions and offer information exchanges or equipment sales, but their reasons for doing so are a mystery. The Foundation and the Guardians however, both regard ARC as a mortal enemy. For the Foundation, this may largely be a matter of pride over inadvertently creating them in the first place. The Guardians simply never trusted ARC in the first place, and they continue to feel that way.


“The Plan”. What that really is, no one outside ARC actually knows. It may be a codename for an individual, a group, or possibly even an actual plan for all anyone knows. All of the information about it comes indirectly from captured and interrogated ARC agents when during the course of being questioned, they answer with something to the effect of “the plan dictates…” or “the plan requires….”


Unknown. ARC maintains several facilities around the world, and probably many more that haven’t been uncovered, but all of them seem to operate independently and none is believed to be the group’s central headquarters. The largest and most prominent of the known facilities is the Sub-Orbital Space Platform in Dubai, but it is no more connected to other ARC projects as any other facility.


Hidden in plain sight. The public face of ARC is the ARC Aerospace Corporation, which built and operates the SOSP. The general public has no idea there is anything more to the group, which is made possible by the extreme independence of ARC projects from any central leadership.


Thanks to the work of its mentalists, ARC easily has the most advanced technology in the world by a considerable margin. On occasion, they will sell some piece of that technology, usually by way of building up a company around its use and then selling it off. More recently, ARC has acquired literally billions of dollars in contracts for the use of the SOSP. These contracts are for satellite launches, launches to the ISS, and even space tourism.


Unknown. Formerly, it was to induce psionic ability in the general population. It is uncertain if that is still the case.


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