Julian Chambers

Director of Morpheus Security


Codename: -
Nationality: Swedish
Gender: Male
Handedness: Right
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Psion Class: Telepath
Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden
Date of Birth: 2/26/1963
Distinguishing Characteristics: Thin, sharp features. Usually wears tailored designer suits.

Julian Chambers is the director of Morpheus Security. Previously, he was a field agent with The Gemeinschaft Consortium having been recruited out of the Swedish Police Service in 1991. For the next few years he worked out of the Consortium’s Stockholm office, and it was during this time he began to manifest some telepath abilities. In 1994 he was assigned to lead an investigation into a group called Fagin’s Umbrella that had recently been interfering with Consortium operations. The investigation revealed that the group was targeting operations that were planned or conducted by Gregoir Kane and his allies almost exclusively. Despite months spent looking, Chambers was unable to find where the leak was coming from, and refocused his efforts on infiltrating the Umbrella. He found that the group had virtually no structure, with most members operating completely independent of central leadership. This made it impossible to infiltrate beyond the group’s lowest levels. Once again, he changed his approach. This time he decided to attack more directly. He began work on predicting when where and how they would attempt to block an operation and set up counter measures. After a few attempts, he was able to capture and interrogate a ranking member of the group. Fagin’s Umbrella immediately regrouped and the next day assaulted Chambers’ holding facility and freed their agent. However, Chambers had already learned a great deal about the group, including some information about their leader, a man known only as Fade. Since his investigation had begun, he’d become convinced that the group was acting with a direct and specific purpose, and they were intelligent and reasonable. He began working to make contact with Fade, and in 1998 Chambers succeeded in gaining a meeting with him. During this meeting, Fade told him that the Consortium had been subverted by Gregoir Kane and his allies. Kane was using the agency to pursue a personal agenda that was reckless at best and at worst ran directly counter to the ideals of the Archer Conspiracy. Fade presented Chambers with compelling evidence and urged him to verify it for himself. When he returned from the meeting he began following the evidence Fade had given him. However, within a few days Kane grew suspicious of Chambers and had him and his whole team blacklisted. Kane issued orders across the whole Consortium to capture or kill the team. A massive manhunt ensued, from which Chambers and his team barely escaped, and not unscathed. Two members of the team were killed in the pursuit, Amber Hoffman and Patrick Ottoson. After months on the run, Chambers and his team had finally lost their pursuit and were laying low in Toronto. Rather than resign themselves to a lifetime of looking over their shoulders and jumping at shadows, the decided to fight back. They established the Morpheus Security agency to shield them, and set about building it up to be a player in the Conspiracy.

Julian Chambers

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