Mission Briefing

Codename: Roundup
Mission Date: Wednesday November 28, 2011
Location: London, England
Classification: Official Cover; Caliber II


We received a tip from Room 39 that one of their sections was approached by agents with The Gemeinschaft Consortium about an information exchange, or possibly even information sharing regarding the events and facility in Morocco. We’ve already made an exchange with them regarding a substantial amount of what we know about the facility. As a result, Room 39’s interest in this arrangement is only in confirmation of what we’ve already told them, which is why they alerted us to the offer. They have agreed to allow our agents to intercept the Consortium agents after the exchange on the condition that we do not attempt to observe or interfere with the meeting. Examining the Ocelot team’s flight logs and communications has indicated that there is a European party involved with the team and the facility. Identifying that party could provide a lead into locating Dunlop and agent Gaveril, and this provides the best opportunity we’ve had to do that. It’s possible that Gemeinschaft or one of its agents is involved, and even if not it’s likely that they know more about Ocelot’s activities in Europe than we do. Bravo Team is being dispatched to intercept the Consortium agents and determine what they know about the Moroccan facility, Ocelot, and their contacts in Europe.


This mission is being conducted with the knowledge and consent of the British government. While you should still proceed covertly and with discretion, if you are arrested we can negotiate your release for all but capital crimes.

  1. Meet and coordinate with the Room 39 agents conducting the exchange.
  2. Identify the Consortium agents conducting the exchange.
  3. Wait for the exchange to take place. Do not observe or interfere with the meeting. After the meeting has concluded, tail and apprehend the Consortium agents.
  4. Once they have been apprehended, interrogate them regarding the Ocelot team and the Moroccan facility. Use any means you deem necessary, but non-aggressive means are preferred.

Resources and Support

  1. Due to very strict gun control laws in England, rifles and explosives will not be issued.
  2. 2x 2011 Range Rovers, with right hand drive. These have been purchased for this mission and should be returned to the remote office in Stockholm upon completion of the mission.
  3. In the event the Consortium agents are receptive of bribes, you will have access to an account containing $1 million to use for this purpose.


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