Red Raven

A Personal Favor

Codename: Red Raven
Mission Date: Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Location: Marseille, France
Classification: Secret; Caliber III


On the morning of December 12, Agent Koch received an unexpected message from his contact, Gerrard. This message claimed that Gerrard had been attacked under mysterious circumstances while attending a reunion of his French Foreign Legion unit in Marseille. Gerrard had happened upon what he thought was a robbery and went to intervene. He then subsequently woke up in the hospital several hours later with no memory of the intervening time. A second message indicated that he had located the owner of the shop that was being robbed. The man was dead in his home, having apparently been beaten and possibly tortured first. A preliminary search of agency databases indicated that this man was a known point of contact for the The Guardians of the Whispering Knife. A Caliber II investigative mission was immediately authorized and Bravo Team was dispatched to the site. There, Bravo Team rendezvoused with Gerrard and was able to acquire security camera footage of the street when the robbery took place. They were also able to identify the vehicle used as a rental van and locate it using the vehicle’s on board GPS tracking device. Bravo Team then surveilled the location until the thieving crew arrived. At this time, they spotted a member of Bravo Team and after a brief exchange, opened fire. During the ensuing gunfight, Bravo Team subdued the attackers, destroyed the van, captured the apparent leader of the crew, and left the scene before local police could arrive. Agent Williams sustained a serious injury to his knee. It is as yet unknown if any of the attackers survived the fight. Bravo Team has been provided with medical assistance and a temporary safe house, where they are currently located. The mission has now been upgraded to Caliber III.


  1. Identify the group responsible for the robbery.
  2. Identify what was stolen. If nothing was stolen, identify what the target was.

Resources and Support

  • 1 Range Rover
  • Safe House
  • Medical Assistance
After-Action Report: Operation Red Raven
Date: December 11, 2011
Agent: UTAH
Summary of Operation:

Following our successful extraction of the former Gemeinschaft Consortium agent REDACTED in Operation Roundup, Agent “Gabe” received word from his contact “Gerard” informing him of an unusual flash of light, which rendered him unconscious while at a reunion in Marseille. He awoke in a hospital with no way to explain how he got there or what happened in the intervening period. Following this, Agent “Gabe” received further word indicating that “Gerard” had located a man possibly connected. This man, a believed contact for the Guardians of the Whispering Knife, had been tortured and executed. His antique store had apparently been burglarized, the items stolen unknown.

We were then authorized to conduct a Caliber II investigation and we were dispatched to Marseille. After arriving we contacted “Gerard” and met him at the newspaper office of REDACTED. We, with Gerard accompanying then left to investigate the office behind which “Gerard” was walking when he was experienced the flash of light. We acquired security footage of the flash of light incident and other pieces of intelligence and departed, erasing our presence. After reviewing the footage, it was apparent that whatever incapacitated “Gerard” also disabled the security camera for a brief moment, after which the footage showed the four men being loaded into a nondescript white van. We were able to track the van to a parking garage and found it empty except for two sets of body armor and two assault rifles. We decided to observe the owners of the van and confront them only if necessary.

At approximately 19:30 we noticed 5 persons enter the garage and make for the van. Agent “Patches” was noticed and approached the group. A few words were exchanged and the apparent leader, a woman in her mid 30s, ordered him to be shot and she started back up the stairs. After a firefight, we were able to subdue or eliminate all 5 of the unknown assailants. Their apparent leader was able to severely wound Agent “Patches” despite repeated assaults with hand-held tazers, blunt-force trauma, and small-arms fire. She was finally rendered unconscious following a vehicle collision.

Following the engagement, a safe-house and medical care for Agent “Patches” were procured, and Bravo Team went to ground, awaiting further orders.


Agent “Patches” asserts the woman assailed him with some sort of attack which consisted of her placing her hand on his chest, a flash of light and he was subsequently thrown several feet back and into the air. Given the circumstances and the found security footage, I am inclined to believe him, despite not having witnessed the attack and in spite of his repeated assertions that she “Fahsrhodahed” him.

Agent Suggetions:
  • Suggest that Agent “Patches” be given both a new codename and, more importantly, further training with small-arms and other ranged weaponry in an effort to ensure such foolish engagements are not repeated.
  • Extraction with escort for prisoner, I suggest a team specifically trained to deal with telekinetic and otherwise psychic prisoners.
  • Protection detail for “Gerard”


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