Desert Oasis III

Shit hits the fan

Mission Briefing

Codename: Desert Oasis, Stage 3
Mission Date: October 20, 2011
Location: Kiev, Ukraine
Classification: Secret; Caliber III


After successfully identifying the man behind the airstrike in Morocco, Bravo Team is sent to Cairo to meet up with Marcus Wikerson for debriefing. Afterwards, Bravo Team was moved down to Condition 3 and variously resumed their previous assignments in Europe or assisted with the analysis of the Moroccan data and investigation into “Sergei”. On October 19th, the investigation was able to locate the Learjet Sergei used to travel to the meeting in Egypt. It is parked in a private hangar at Zhuliany Airport in Kiev, Ukraine.


  1. Gain access to the plane, copy the flight logs and everything stored in the flight data recorder, and plant a tracking device on the plane.
  2. Locate and surveil “Sergei”. Determine his identity, who he works for, and his role within that organization. Either he or his bosses were running the facility in Morocco, we need to know which.
  3. If possible, gather any other available data on the group and their operations.
  4. Do not allow the group to identify you. We believe they don’t know what happened at the Moroccan facility and were simply responding to the alarms and the risk of losing containment of the specimens. This gives us an advantage that would be lost if they discover we are investigating them.

Resources and Support

  1. 2 Technicians to assist with surveillance and translation. (Robert Dunlop and Joseph Pike)
  2. Dossier on the shell company that owns the jet Sergei used. (Caliber II)
  3. High powered camera, parabolic microphone.
  4. Bugs. (2 GPS tracking bugs, 2 audio bugs)
  5. 1 Standard agency pickup truck. Agents are advised to secure additional local transportation to avoid standing out.

The Airpsace around Kiev is strongly controlled, but not restricted. Air support will be available with sufficient advanced notice.


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