Desert Oasis

The First Mission

Mission Briefing

Codename: Desert Oasis
Mission Date: October 05, 2011
Location: Secret facility in Moroccan desert, and nearby town of Tissaf.
Classification: Secret; Caliber III


  1. Determine who is operating the facility, and gather specific intel on their research including its goals and results.
  2. Obtain samples of any experimental results, research notes, and other documentation at the site.
  3. At the option of Control, destroy the facility and remaining samples and documents.
  4. Remain undetected. The operator of the facility is presently unknown; It may not be possible to extract any captured agents.

Resources and Support

  1. 2 standard agency F-150 pickup trucks
  2. 4 electric 4 wheel ATVs for off road reconnaissance
  3. 10lbs C4, and 10 timed/RF detonators
  4. 1 9mm Beretta 92FS and detachable suppressor for each agent

Additionally, Hawkeye will be on station to provide overwatch and communications relay with HQ during Phase II.


We have received intelligence of a secret facility in Morocco that appears to be conducting advanced biological research. We currently do not have any intelligence regarding what they’re doing or who is behind it. We further believe that the other major elements of the Archer group know as much as we do, or even less. In order to press this advantage, we’re conducting a targeted investigation to gather as much intelligence about the place as we can. During Phase I, Alpha Team will insert into the nearby town of Tissaf and conduct surveillance of the facility and its staff and gather as much preliminary information as possible. Then, based on this information, Alpha Team will move to Phase II. In Phase II, Alpha Team will infiltrate the facility, establish communications with Control via Hawkeye, upload as much computer data is possible, and obtain physical samples from the laboratories. Control will examine the computer records and make the final determination to destroy the facility or not. Finally, Alpha Team will exit the facility and rendezvous with the Gulfstream for the return flight to HQ and debriefing.

After Action Reports

Entry: John “Ox” Wright
Mission Review:
Infiltration began at 0550 hours with Breaching Team consisting of myself and ‘Hal,’ moving to the lab building from the south. Upon determining that the second floor was a suitable entry point explosives were placed to prep for a breaching action. Breaching Team held position till 0700 hours when Diplomatic Team arrived, and waited for the signal to blow the wall. The order to breach was giving at 0720 hours after infiltration failed. ‘Hal’ moved into the server room and began breaking into the facility’s computer system. I cleared the first floor of the Lab wing and found no opposition. After ‘Hal’ had gained access to the facility network, I entered an airlock leading to a room of cages at the north end of the lab building. Inside the cage room was all manner of freaky ass shit biological experiments. It was determined that a particularly hostile experiment had left its cage, and was loose in the compound. I left the cage room and met up with the Diplomatic Team where we found the loose specimen inside an airlock on the second floor; ‘Hal’ disabled the airlock trapping the specimen. The specimen was human in form and invisible to the naked eye, but ‘Hal’ claims it absorbs infra-red light. It mimicked behavior it saw (e.g- tapping on windows and prying open doors), and was really pissed off hostile. The team collected samples of various specimens, and rigged the building for demolition. During egress hostiles forced Hawkeye to bug out, and minutes after we had evacuated the building said hostiles bombed the shit out of the place proceeded to demolish the facility; ‘Bruce’ says they were Egyptian. The team successfully escaped the scene with the specimens and a back up of the data proliferated, where upon rendezvousing at the safe house.

All mission parameters were accomplished;
*Acquired files from facility’s mainframe (waiting for analysis)
*Acquired multiple dead specimens from lab
*Facility was destroyed (not by us :[ )
*All agents successfully returned from mission.

HazMat suits, Nukes, Barf bags, more warning before we’re nearly blown up.

Entry: Steven ‘Hal’ Emerich
For this most tactical insertions our team decided on a two-front, pincer like assault. Ox and my self arrived at some ungodly hour in the morning first to the facility stashing our truck in a dried out lake bed, per my recommendations, and proceeding on Powerwheels electric ATVs to the South-Eastern corner of the complex. After assessing the lack of adequate surveillance we proceeded on the the first floor roof of what we imagined was the server room, which confirmed with the use of mind bullets Clairsentience. I tapped into the satellite feed with my laptop and started to stream the outgoing/incoming data while Ox began to remove the stucco exterior to see what kind of structure we were dealing with. What he revealed was a brittle, RAM (Radar-absorbent material). Ox continued his probe and together we discerned that there was no reason a small application of C-4 would be inadequate for a distraction and breaching charge. I packed up my laptop, neglecting to disable their satellite feed :/
Ox and I waited, patiently, for the rest of the team to get the show on the road Big O!. Bruce, kanen and paul eventually arrived around sunrise. Their job was to talk their way in under the guise of CIA operatives there for an inspection of the facility. They should not have had any problems on account of the flawless perfect identification badges that I made for them. Despite the edge that my forgeries should have given :emote bravo: Bravo Team, they only managed to make it in to the first building. As a side note, this facility was using “Solar panel research facility” as their cover story, WEAK SAUCE. At the cusp of hostile tension, kanen gave the signal to blow the C-4. So we did. Ox took cover behind the A/C unit like a scrub while I maintained a close proximity taking cover behind my riot shield. The C-4 detonated leaving an optimal entry point providing access to the first and second floors. Ox moved in to secure the first floor, while I entered the server room to start accessing their system. I suggested Ox return to the roof to disable the satellite dishes. He did. I calculated roughly 40sec from the time of our breach till the dishes were disabled. I quickly and expertly gained control of their systems. I reprogrammed the locking system on our side of the facility, giving our team full access, and thusly locking out any other hostile forces :smug:.
Bravo team did some shooting and stuff and killed the guards.
Once I had control of the system I initiated an uplink with Hawkeye and they began downloading everything on the servers. Once that had been set up I accessed the surveillance systems and discovered the facilities true operation. The genetic modification of animals and most likely humans. Ox dawned a HAZMAT suit and entered the large 3 story room on the North side of the building. I maintained visual contact with Ox using video cameras set up in the cage room. Inside were several mutated specimens, mostly dead, some alive, but mostly dead. At the far end of the room Ox stumbled across a completely eviscerated body not long dead, and an empty cage. As Ox was leaving the room from the first floor airlock I caught the flash of another airlock cycling from across the room. I notified the team, who by this point had all rallied. Everyone set up at the top of the stairs while I left the server room and deployed at the base of the stairs. When the team set up at the 2nd floor airlock it was observed that the plexiglass windows were utterly and completely covered in blood. Also of note was the time on the airlock counting down OMG. I rushed back to the server room to disable the airlocks. I shut down the systems and set up a mobile link with my laptop so that I could rejoin the team. When I reconvened with the team I also engage the fire sprinklers in the airlock so we could see what was inside. What we saw was a freshly eviscerated body barf. But that was all. We noticed some splashing from behind a locker in the middle of the room. Ox began rapping on the door. We saw motion in the airlock but nothing else. Upon closer examination the water drops were bouncing off of a form in front of the door. It started tapping on the glass as well WTF!?!!. So obviously we had a creature roughly human in size and shape that could mask itself from the visual spectrum. We lacked any thermal goggles really? but with some clever thinking on my part we were able to discern that it did still absorb infrared.
Deciding that this creature was trapped and better left trapped, and with the information that Hawkeye had hostile planes inbound. We set about gathering specimens and rigging the building for demolition man. I expertly panned out the locations for the C-4 to go, and we rigged the timers to blow simultaneously at 5 minutes after we would have egressed from the building. Bravo team loaded up the specimens in their truck while Ox and I set the charges.
Ox, Bruce and myself had made it to our truck with plenty of time for the charges to go off, when Egyptian F-4 Phantoms ya rly came and leveled the place. WTF?!
Anyway, we rallied at our safe house and now I’m writing this stupid report and await debriefing.


sabyre sabyre

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