Clear Sky

Hitting back

Mission Briefing

Codename: Clear Sky
Mission Date: Friday November 04, 2011
Location: Volgograd, Russia
Classification: Secret; Caliber V


Bravo Team achieved most of the objectives of Stage 3 of Operation: Desert Oasis, identifying the group as a team of Czar’s Wolves agents operating semi-autonomously. In the process, they were identified and agent Alexei Gaveril and technician Robert Dunlop were severely injured and later abducted by enemy agents. Bravo Team was unable to positively locate them and was extracted to safe territory, specifically London, to rest and recover and were issued new cover identities. Bravo Team prompted a Ukranian police investigation of the Czar’s Wolves team with the goal of limiting their options and movements.
Gaveril and Dunlop have not yet been located, but we have identified a major facility of the Wolves and are organizing a strike against it. This facility houses an advanced ALM fabricator. This device is 10 years more advanced than the cutting edge of commercial devices, and we believe it was produced by ARC. Bravo Team is being sent to destroy, or if possible, acquire the fabricator. This will significantly disrupt the Czar’s Wolves operations and could illuminate the role ARC played regarding the Moroccan facility and other wolves operations.


  1. Surveil the Czar’s Wolves production facility in Volgograd
  2. If possible, identify the commanders or senior personnel at the facility.
  3. Locate and if possible retrieve the ALM fabricator at the facility. The device will likely be to large to transport, in which case retrieve the control circuits and computers, lasers, pumps and nozzles, and a sample of the fabrication materials.
  4. If the fabricator cannot be retrieved, destroy it.

Resources and Support

Bravo Team has the full support of the agency and its resources for this mission. However, Russia is the heart of the Czar’s Wolves power and Morpheus has no presence or influence in the region. Air support will not be available, and getting support personnel and resources could take much longer than usual.

  1. 1 Caliber V, 1 Caliber IV, and 3 Caliber III gear picks.
  2. Satellite photo of the target site

After Action Reports

GabĂ«ler “Gabe” Koch
Mission Review:
Provided with a vast array of company resources, our team surveilled the Czars Wolves (CW from here on) fabrication base of operations. We determined our best opportunity to enter the compound undetected was to commandeer one of their supply trucks. The rest of the plan was to infiltrate their generator room and cut the power after the day shift had left, disassemble the fabricator, demolish what was left and escape on the same truck we came in on. For the most part, everything went according to plan.
Using our Jeep as a roadblock we stopped the last supply truck of the day, incapacitated the driver, and actually found one of our objectives on the truck. In order to keep the truck there over night Bruce had rigged the truck to not start again once we were underway, but was easy enough to fix so we could escape quickly. We proceeded to the facility with Bartleby and myself in the cab, and Utah and Bruce in the trailer. With my help, Bartleby got the tractor-trailer backed into the facility. I exited the truck and proceeded into the facility, quickly locating the doorway to the generator room. Inside the facility they were producing Unmanned Air Vehicles of very high sophistication. Utah, Bruce and I rondezvoused in the machine shop and proceeded to the generator room to wait out the rest of the day. Inside we encountered two technicians whom we bypassed and hid until they left. Bartleby signaled us that there were patrolling guards and upon their departure we could start the operation. The guards’ patrol however took them into the what was now determined as electric transfer room. I tried to taser one of the guards but my gun malfunctioned. So I quickly dispatched him with my rifle, and Bruce did the same, however much much louder. The compound now alerted we set the plan into action. I threw the main switch gears and took one of the guards’ radios.
Our team proceeded into the main fabricating floor and while Bruce and Utah made for the fabricator I took up position to provide supporting fire should we need it. Despite my effort to confuse the enemy over their own radios, they eventually acquired our location and were moving in. I began to lay down suppressing fire on two guards that were converging on our location and kept them pinned for a shirt time, until more guards should up with dogs. Around this time Bartleby had left the cab and began helping dismantle the fabricator. I engaged and eliminated all of the dogs in short work, and continued to engage and eliminate targets as I was able. Just as our position was close to being overrun the team had finished acquiring the parts and setting the charges.
We made a break for the back door. The enemy discerned our route and started to move in. I shot our triggering mechanism on the fabricator and took it out along with some guards. We then doubled back towards the truck and managed to start loading it up before the guards were able to figure out our new escape route. Bruce got the truck back up and running while I laid down suppressing fire. Bartleby and Utah finished loading the truck and got into the trailer. I started the truck and got underway. We took some fire leaving the compound but escaped without pursuit.

Mission Result:
We successfully attained our objectives with minimal loss of civilian life. Our identities nor our affiliation was ever discovered.

This cloaking technology should be replicated and standard issue on all high-risk assignments.


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