The Archer Conspiracy

In 1950, with the world hurtling into the looming Cold War, Raymond Archer gathered some of the most influential men and women in the world to his family estate in Iceland. The people there gathered are spys, some seasoned by two world wars, some steeped in centuries of secret tradition, all close friends of Raymond or his father, Conrad. There he shares his belief that if left to its own devices, civilization will surely, eventually destroy itself. He proposes that in order to avoid this unthinkable fate, they must all work together to secretly guide the world on a safer path. By the end of the night, all have agreed and the Archer Conspiracy is born. All of them will return to their agencies, societies, and organizations, and all will shape these groups into tools with which to guide the course of human events away from war, death, and destruction.

Forgotten Powers

At the dawn of the 20th century, Conrad Archer happened upon a discovery of monumental importance. After exploring an ancient tomb of a long lost civilization, he had gained the ability to perform incredible, impossible, feats of strength and agility. He was contacted by the descendants of this civilization, and told that he had absorbed what the ancients had known as an alchemical formula, and that it had granted him dramatic powers of the mind over his body. They would come to discover that this was one of three such formulas. Over the following decades, much effort was expended to gain and keep control of these substances, which they called Psion Serums. This secret quest would pass to the Archer Conspiracy, and through their successes and failures, psions may now be found throughout the Conspiracy, both among friends and enemies. This fact is the greatest secret the Conspiracy keeps, after all the pursuit of a master race or super soldiers have led men and nations to commit terrible acts time and again throughout history; things could only be worse with a tangible advantage to be had.

Uneasy Dreams

Through study of the Serums, great scientific and technological achievements have been possible, and some of these have escaped the confines of the Conspiracy. One such breakthrough is a substance called Somnacin, which allows people to enter into another person’s dream, and to interact with and manipulate it. The existence of Somnacin is a classified and well guarded secret among the governments and individuals who are aware. Among those are the agents of Morpheus Security. Founded by a cast off from the Archer Conspiracy, Morpheus has now joined that elite and invisible circle. They seek to protect humanity from itself, and when necessary, from the Archer Conspiracy as well. You are agents of Morpheus tasked with a silent vigil, guarding the world as it sleeps, blissfully unaware of the danger lurking in the shadows all around it.

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